Was ist wahr & was nicht?

Ausstellung – Keramik (Anca) & Graphik (Alex)

Poster_anca & alex

Anca Vintila Dragu hat ihr Studium der Kunstkeramik 2019 an der Nationalen Universität der Künste in Bukarest 2019 abgeschlossen. Alex Dragu hat bei derselben Universität die Abteilung Graphik 2017 abgeschlossen.
Beide leben und arbeiten in Bukarest, Rumänien.

Human thinking, influenced by current sources of information, has moved away from factual reality. People circulate constructs of ideas that have their own metabolism, causing the notions of truth and justice to lose their meaning. All the ideas we operate with have developed a new form of interaction that has moved away from reality due to how social media works; the news as such is immersed in its reinterpretations, ideological, social, political, cultural, racial constructs, etc.
Alex’s works talk about the contrast between a meaning of things that have clarity and the conglomerate of abstract formulations of the human mind, which is behind that meaning. Reality is mediated.
In Anca’s works, we find a symbolic representation of people’s current discourse, starting from a real fact, loaded or metamorphosed into zoomorphic representations that encapsulate identity and specific function.
A „primordial soup“ of people’s minds loaded with history, social differences, beliefs, taboos and altered values.


Vernissage: Samstag, den 6. August 18:00 Uhr

Fantom e.V.  – Netzwerk für Kunst und Geschichte(n)

Hektorstraße 9-10
10711 Berlin (Nähe Adenauerplatz)
Tel. 030.432 093 68



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