This is who we are / Wer wir sind

Ausstellung – Zeichnungen

von Anca Boeriu, Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu, Mirela Traistaru


Anca Boeriu
Born in 1957 in Pucioasa, Dâmbovița County, Romania.
In 1982 she recieved a PhD in Visual and Graphic Arts from Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts.
She is currently a lecturer in the Graphic Department at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Anca Boeriu is a member of UAP since 1999. Beginning in 2016 she is the President of the Bucharest Graphics Branch, a founding member of the Friends of the National Art Museum of Romania International Association,  a member of the MitOst Germany International Association where she is the delegate for Romania, and  she is the founder and coordinator of BIPB-Bucharest International Print Biennale (2014).
She was the recipient of the UAP Award for Curatorship in 2017 and in 2014 of the Graphics Award.
Selected Exhibitions:
2020, 2020 = PROTECTION = CARE, street instalation Carol I Central University Bucharest
2019, A red line, Carol I Central University Gallery Bucharest
2018, Follow the line, Fantom Gallery Berlin
2017, Sentimental reconstruction, Galateca Gallery Bucharest
2016, A dream studio, Senso Gallery Bucharest
2015, A thoughts studio, Brancoveanu Cultural Palace Center
2015, Solo exhibition Romanian Cultural Institute Israel

Mirela Traistaru
Originally from Bistrita, Mirela Traistaru is considered an „unparalleled“ artist. Notonly for her remarkable talent, impressive achievements and career, but also for the variety and complexity of her work. She graduated from the Romulus Ladea High School of Visual Arts and the Ion Andreescu Academy of Visual Arts (Clothes Design and Painting Sections) in Cluj-Napoca. She later completed a master’s degree in painting from the Bucharest University of Arts. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Western University of Timisoara with a concentration in body-painting. Outside of her studies she has worked as a curator, painter, costume designer, graphic designer, set designer, muralist and installation artist.
Mirela Traistarus is considered one of the top 100 Romanian painters. She has had a prolific career with solo and group exhibitions in Romania, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Switzerland, Holland, France, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, USA, Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey. She participated in art biennales in Lyon, Beijing and Cairo with over 60 personal and 130 group exhibitions. Since 1995 she has worked in 21 theatre and television productions as a costume and set designer under directors Lucian Giurchescu, Sanda Manu, Gelu Colceag, Alexandru Tocilescu, Horatiu Malaele, Chris Simion, Ion Lucian, Ion Mircioaga or Anca Colteanu.0
Among other things, Mirela Traistaru has illustrated books and has held dozens of fashion presentations as a clothing designer. She won the Grand Jury Prize at the National Art Film Festival for the film Night of Sanzienilor and the Prize for debut at the Magia Modei Festival, the Arts in Bucharest prize of the Romanian Artists‘ Union.

Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu
Her work is autobiographical with elements of fiction. She questions her intimate, social and urban environment. She engages themes of gender and ethnic minorities through a feminist lens unmediated.
Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu (born 1969 in Bucharest) graduated from the National University of Art in Painting (1996) and obtained a post-diploma in Advanced Studies at the Sorbonne 1 University, Fine Arts, Paris (2001).
Visual artist, chronicler, curator, she coordinates the ALERT studio Artist-run Space, with intention of promoting visual arts and contemporary Romanian artists. She won the 1st Prize in Painting from The Romanian Union of Fine Artists, and is the recipient of the Ludwig’s Foundation Scholarship.
She currently lives and works in Bucharest. Her work has been acquired by both public and private collections and exhibited in Romania and internationally.

Vernissage am Samstag, den 14. August 2021 ab 18:00 Uhr

Ausstellung: vom 14. bis zum 30. August 2021
von 16:00 bis 19:00 Uhr. Wir bitten um telefonische Vereinbarung!

Fantom e.V.  – Netzwerk für Kunst und Geschichte(n)
Hektorstraße 9-10
10711 Berlin (Nähe Adenauerplatz)
Tel. 030.432 093 68


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