Rhinoceritis – Malerei und Installationen


From a deepest fear of rules, exterior and inner boundaries comes a journey filled with questions, hesitations and endless wonder towards the absurd human acceptance of things as they are, defying logic, reason, kindness or common sense so often that it becomes the norm. There are rules over rules, rules of and for rules, many times blocking resolution, evolution, progress or even existence. Rules that tell you how to be, what to want, rules that break us or make us, rules we love, rules we hate, rules we blindly conform to, forgetting to question why.
The act of playing built on the principles of joy and pleasure seems to be the answer for a search for freedom and for finding a cure or at least building a mild opposition against mindless conformity.
In line with her previous projects Adinuta and the stuffed bear (2016) and Jam in shoes (2017), Adriana continues to use in Rhinoceritis childlike imagery and absurdist fiction blending in together as part of a mechanism that draws a map to childhood as a satire and critique of human established expectations. The ludic gets a free pass in shaping the fantasy the same way a child does it, in a simple, spontaneous and unpretentious manner.

Rhinoceritis is a term derived from Eugene Ionesco’s play “Rhinoceros” (1959).

Adriana Florea Baloiu (b.1979), visual artist, founder and curator of Go Art Projects contemporary art platform and Go Contemporary art gallery in Bucharest, has BFA and MFA degrees in painting from National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania and is a member of the Romanian Plastic Artists Union since 2015. She is a member of the International Selection Committee of Florence Biennale 2017.
Adriana had six solo shows, the most recent at Seabam Gallery Bucharest (2017), Simeza Gallery Bucharest (2016), Go Contemporary Bucharest (2016, Bucharest Biennale 7 event) and Braila Museum of Art (2015). Adriana has exhibited in over 30 group shows in Romania and abroad. These participations include:  X Florence Biennale, Art and the Polis, Florence (IT), “Tendencies in Contemporary Romanian Painting”, Romanian Embassy in Germany, Berlin (DE), International Biennial of Painting Chisinau 2015 (MD), Woman’s Essence 2017, Espace Commines, Paris (FR), „Arts in Bucharest”, Centrul Artelor Vizuale, Bucharest (RO), Palazzo Velli Expo Rome 2017 (IT). In 2017 Adriana was awarded with Woman ART Award 2017, Woman’S Essence Show, Musa International Art Space, Paris, 2017. Currently she lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.


Ausstellungseröffnung: Samstag , 9. Dezember 2017   18:00 Uhr

Ausstellung vom 9.12.2017 bis zum 21.12.2017
Mittwoch bis Samstag 17:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

Fantom e.V.  – Netzwerk für Kunst und Geschichte(n)
Hektorstraße 9-10
10711 Berlin (Nähe Adenauerplatz)
Tel. 030.432 093 68




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